One Loop Games

One Loop Games is a cutting-edge, full service game development studio. Our team is small, focused, and driven to creating great entertainment experiences that you’ll want to play over and over again.


We are a small group of professionals who love to design and create compelling games.

We have the experience and proven track record to develop projects from start to finish.

What We Believe:

  • Find The Fun... Fast

    We prototype quickly.  If we can’t “find the fun” within a couple of iterations, we move on to a new idea.

  • Technology is just a tool

    We aren’t married to any one technology. We design the game first, then select the best tool to create it.

  • We Are Gamers

    We love to play games. When we’re not making them, we’re playing them.


We are always up to something. When we’re not creating games for clients, we are usually hard at work doing our own internal projects.


Shalom Mann

Shalom Mann

CEO, Creative Director

As the former Senior Vice President and Studio Head of Sony Online Entertainment-Los Angeles, Shalom brings a ton of experience to One Loop Games.

Jason King

Jason King

Founder, Technical Director

Jason King is a proven industry leader having released over 30 games spanning a 20 year professional career. His credits range from Freddi Fish to Total Annihilation to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Star Wars Episode III. Jason King has worked on or led the technology of some of the most advanced engines of their time

Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell

VP, Platform Engineering

Bob Mitchell brings over 20 years of programming and leadership experience to One Loop Games. Mitchell was Director of Technology at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) where he worked with the company’s six game studios to create the several leading online games.

Steven Leff

Steven Leff

Interactive Director

Steven Leff brings over 12 years of interactive production experience to One Loop Games. Starting his career back in the early days of the web, he gained experience working on high-profile brands for many leading entertainment companies including Universal, Sony, and Fox


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Why a loop, you ask?

We like things that go in circles.

Also, a loop is infinite. It goes on forever and forever, just like good games. We believe games with good mechanics that are simple and fun to play are timeless.

And lastly, we like the way our logo looks in a circle.

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